Friday, August 20, 2010


I know, it has been way too long. A lot has happened. We got married, I finished grad school, got a job, started the job during the summer program and now have my own school. I love being a therapist. I can already tell, after 2 days of school, that I am going to have a lot of clients, like the whole school. In the first day, a child had to be physically restrained, a boy showed his penis on the playground and numerous fights, not all physical. Whew, this is nothing like it was when I was in school. Going to put up some of the wedding pics. If you want more, please comment and I will put up more.

Scott and I.

Lucas, Scott and I

India, me, Leina and Christy.

My mom and I.

The rehearsal.


  1. Welcome back to the blogoshphere! You should put up some before/after pics of all the work you are doing on the house...maybe some pics of your office, too!!

  2. I will do that this weekend after we start and hopefully finish the floors and the guest bathroom.