Monday, February 8, 2010


What an amazing game last night. First Super Bowl to go to and first Super Bowl win!!!! We went over to Josh and Christy's to watch the game. We had to use a cheat, so we had guac, leftover appetizers from my bachelorette party (that will be another post) and pizza. Yum, yum. The most amazing part was seeing Drew Brees hold his son after the win. It was a very emotional time.

On another note, Scott and I have been dieting for the wedding, hince the cheat used yesterday. Scott has lost over 20 pounds in the last 4 weeks!!! I have lost 8 pounds, which is more than I wanted, but I am fine with the loss!! My wedding dress does not fit anymore, so I might as well lose more if I can. I will be back to my high school weight if I lose about 5 more pounds! Only 42 more days until the wedding!! I am getting so excited!

Today, it is snowing!!!!!! I got the day off and hopefully Scott is leaving work in the next few minutes. I just heard someone trying to go up the hill in front of our house, and they were having trouble. Not a good sign. We are supposed to get upwards of 8 inches!!!!!!! WOW! We NEVER get that much. I will post some pictures of it later. The dogs are in love with the snow and would stay out all day if I let them. Okay, off to write a paper.

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